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Resume Writing

TEN Tips on Resume Writing

1. Ensure your resume is clear and precise and no more than 3/4 pages long.

2. Provide clear and correct contact information. Phone, email, residential address, LinkedIn profile link.

3. List all your qualifications, tickets, licenses on your resume. Preferably above your employment history.

4. Employment history, start from most current position first. Make sure you include month and year you started.

5. Provide a detailed job description along with your responsibilities for each role. Try to make this short and precise and no more than a couple of paragraphs.

6. Do not over complicate your resume – potential employers are looking for a brief but detailed summary of your working career.

7. Referees – provide as least 2 referees and contact details at the end of your resume. Make sure you have spoken to both to ensure they are happy to be contacted.

8. Use the same font and colour throughout your resume. You can use larger and smaller font but use the same style.

9. Don’t use photos, charts or diagrams – this will make the size of your resume larger and may be sent through correctly to the job response.

10. Take time to read your resume at least twice checking for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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