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The Technical & Engineering Network (TEN) is an independently owned and managed Western Australian recruitment business. We think of ourselves as a local company with international standards – the nexus between good talent and great opportunities!

Our specialist recruiters bring together high-level professional candidates and employers in the technical and engineering markets. With over 70 years of combined experience, we’ve been offering complete end-to-end recruitment solutions for top-ranking employers in the construction, infrastructure, mining, utilities, renewables, manufacturing, and oil & gas sectors.

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What makes us 10/10?

Accountability through independence

A TEN recruitment plan is designed by the same specialist who sources the candidates, resulting in a quick, efficient and requirements-driven placement.

Local coverage, local talent

You get access to a substantial, filtered database of local candidates – sourced through years of TEN networking and relationship building.

Fully managed

We specialise in comprehensive recruitment solutions for organisations that require the best talent for their projects, programs and staff.


Results are always achieved through a time-tested approach. Each TEN placement is the product of over 70 years’ local and international experience in the construction, infrastructure, manufacturing and energy sectors.

With TEN, you receive complete accountability through partnership – the specialist designing your recruitment plan is the same individual who sources your candidates. As a Perth-based company, we boast a database of local candidates, gathered using a tried and tested approach 35 years in the making. A TEN engagement is fully transparent, process-driven and comprehensive, designed to be your dynamic repository for the best contract, permanent and executive talent in your industry.

“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the team at TEN.  From when I initially contacted them, I was very specific on my expectations and position I was looking for.  The team at TEN not only gave a very personal and professional experience, they managed to match my expectations with several companies and found me the ideal position within a short period of time.  They kept me updated every step of the way and gave me some expert advice for updating my resume and interview preparation. I’ve no hesitation at all recommending TEN to any job seeker in the market.”

– Paul, COO of an electrical contracting company

“Wow, where to begin. From being approached by Saskia Ellis from Ten Recruit at a point where I was not actively looking to change companies, they presented me with a dream job opportunity of a lifetime. Lee Plant was fantastic to work with, holding a great and encouraging attitude that made a big transition for me a seamless one where I can’t wait to relocate and begin work with my awesome new company. If you are an individual wanting to reach out to an agency for your own great opportunity or a company looking to source solid talent for your improved success, look no further. Cheers.”

– Daniel (Senior Contracts Administrator)

TEN Facts about the number 10

1. Nik’s lucky number is 10.

2. The Roman numeral for 10 is X, which looks like two V’s (the Roman numeral for five) put together.

3. The atomic number of Neon is 10

4. If you have 10 fingers you are decadactylous and if you have 10 teeth you are decemdentate.

5. In the Bible, the number 10 is used 242 times.

6. There are 10 vowels in the Korean alphabet.

7. The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin, while the modern gift for a 10th anniversary is diamonds – definite proof of inflation.

8. Pythagoras considered 10 to be the most sacred number.

9. In Roman times, punishment for cowardice or mutiny was applied by killing one in 10 men in a cohort.

10. 10%of the world is left-handed.

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