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At TEN we can assist you with all your contract staff requirements.

We understand the importance of hiring skilled, qualified, contract staff and the positive impact it can have on business productivity. We offer a compliant, quality assured and safe solution.

Many of our clients are increasingly requiring specific temporary staffing solutions. As such, TEN has an ever-growing network of active contract candidates, which ensures we can respond rapidly to the requirements of our clients with the very best talent.

We take the pain out of hiring contract workers and we take pride in our detailed and thorough processing guidelines, our experience in onboarding technical and engineering contract staff is second to none.


At TEN we appreciate the importance of placing the right candidate into the right job and the long-lasting impact that can have on a business. Our specialist permanent recruitment consultants work with you to match career aspirations, professional experience, passion, goals and cultural fit.

To do this, we must understand job seekers and clients in detail. We take the time to follow a detailed and thorough recruitment process, which has proved pivotal in our growth and repeat business. We research our candidate, clients and project in depth giving us a distinct advantage in the market.

TEN is passionate about changing people’s lives, and we value the impact great employees have on business performance. Through our post recruitment follow-up, we stay engaged with both our clients and placement after the recruitment process is finalised to ensure continued success, engagement and retention.


At TEN we understand that the best executive talent on the market may be the passive candidates who are not currently looking for their next opportunity. These candidates are committed, focused and successful in their current role.

Our market-mapping, research and networking to identify these high calibre people is the best in the industry. We have fostered skills and strategies to develop relationships with these key industry people. Our due diligence process is thorough and provides our clients with the confidence they require. We can adapt our recruitment process to suit the needs of our client. If your company is looking for Executive, Retained or Search assignments, please contact your specialist at TEN.

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