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Your LinkedIn Profile

TEN Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

1. This is a professional page (not personal social media like Facebook). You need to make sure all your content is professional and related to your line of work.

2. Photograph and background photo, ensure you use these as your hit rate will be higher than profiles without photos.

3. Use a high-resolution photo (headshot) and make sure you’re the only person in the photo preferably with a plain background.

4. Make sure your work history, position titles, qualifications etc are all up to date.

5. If you are writing blogs or content, ensure its well written, relevant to your industry and always spell check and proof read.

6. Keep connecting with people relevant to your industry, networking is essential.

7. Try to keep getting recommendations and endorsements from your managers and colleagues

8. Share content others have written along with the reasons you’re sharing their blog.

9. Follow / connect with companies and individuals of interest.

10. When you’re working on a project and you hit major milestones, share photos and blurbs to your network to showcase your work.

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