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Finding a Job

TEN Tips on Finding a Job

1. When you are applying for a position either through an agency, job board or direct with an employer – ensure you’ve read thoroughly the job description and you meet 90% of the required skill set.

2. Do not spam your resume across the market. Meet with one or 2 agencies and the decide which agency you feel most comfortable with and has the experience within your line of work. If you choose multiple agencies and they double up on applications this will damage your chance of securing a new position.

3. Tailor your resume and covering letter to the job you’re applying for. Although you know you have the experience if it’s not written on your resume the potential employer will never know, do not assume they know your experience.

4. Networking within your network is essential – time and time again we’ve seen candidates secure positions through your network.

5. Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume, employers and agencies are well connected in your line of work and they will do background checks.

6. Research and target a sector you would like to work in and focus on that rather than spamming several industries and align yourself with an agency who have previous experience in that sector.

7. Have a target / limit of your daily activity whilst searching for a job, I.e. networking, phone calls, applications.

8. Set your standards higher than just applying to jobs online, don’t be afraid to hand out resumes directly into the offices of potential employers. With agencies I would always recommend making an appointment with the relevant consultant to your market.

9. Always ask for feedback on your presentation and application, often a few small tips will lead to a successful application.

10. Job hunting is very stressful, always give yourself time to reflect on your applications and time out, then refocus. Always give yourself a generous timeline to secure a new position as interviewing, negotiating, offers take time.

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